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Zip Top | Side Stripes

Have you ever looked at someone's outfit and just thought to yourself, "I've gotta step my game up!"? It happens to me a lot more than you'd think. If I'm being completely honest, it's actually one of biggest sources of motivation to dress stylishly.

Most recently I was at a launch party with ASOS where I met Jovel Roystan who is one of my favorite menswear influencers. Blogs and magazines had been talking about how zip-up sweaters and jackets were one of the current men's fashion trends. That night Jovel was wearing a zip-top sweater layered with a jacket and track pants and I all I could think was how he just makes fashion look so effortless and cool.

Since then I've really been into that 60s and 70s sporty chic aesthetic. I recently picked up a short sleeve zip-up t-shirt from ASOS and finally decided to give the look a try. Pants with stripes on the sides of the leg are another one of my favorite fashion trends. I stumbled on these track pants…

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