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Outfit Inspiration: Patch Fleece Sweatshirt

When it comes to fashion, exclusivity can be a little frustrating. There's nothing more depressing than falling in love with something we see on the runway or in magazines knowing we can't afford it. Sometimes I flip through magazines and ask myself, who's buying these $200 t-shirts, $500 jeans or $1000 suits? High fashion may not be accessible to all of us, but it is the best source for style inspiration.
I've recently fallen in love with this terry-detailed sweatshirt by AMI. I just don't like the $255 price tag. One day while browsing through Old Navy's website, I stumbled on a sweatshirt similar to the AMI sweatshirt I had been coveting for a fraction of the price. Definitely a win-win situation! 
I love to put a spin on classic styles, which is why I love the collegiate vibe we get from the bold, block lettering on this sweatshirt. I've paired it with a denim shirt and distressed, black jeans for an edgier take on a varsity look. It's starting to …

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